Very good product
    "Very satisfactory. The product is good and not just for dogs! I use it to make Jamu - a Far Eastern health drink. It has all the right flavours to blend with the other ingredients and has been placed on regular order."
    Bernie L.
    Golden paste
      "It is an amazing product helps my old girl immensely with her arthritis "
      Happy doggie happy mummy
        "It was amazing how quickly this started to work. Recommended by a friend who uses it for her 14yo lab. Our boy was struggling in pain trying to get up due to arthritis setting in in his back legs. Within days he was bouncing around again like a puppy. Great stuff. "
        Turmeric chicken slices
          "Golden paste has a very easy to use website, delivery is always very quick! I have been using the golden paste company for seven months, since my dog had an operation on his elbows and diagnoses of arthritis. It has helped him so much, he runs around like a puppy and is pain free. I have recommended the golden paste company to two of my friends, and would recommend it to anyone with a dog that needs anti inflammatory pain relief."
          Caroline W.
          Great product
            "I've given golden paste to my dog for over a year as she has osteoarthritis in her leg due to injury. Her mobility has improved and I take her on long walks now. Definitely recommend this product."
            Jackie T.
            Golden Paste
              "As all ways a great product, helps to keep me healthy, thank you. "
              Great Quality
                "My dogs love them . Excellent value and Quality. And quick delivery from order. Will deff buy from again "
                Golden Paste
                  "I'm afraid our dog didn't like it so we could gauge how effective it is."
                  David P.
                  Hello I am sorry to hear your dog did not like the taste of the paste, it can be quite strong for some dogs. Have you tried mixing it in with their food? Some people hide the paste in a bit of meat or some cheese to try and disguise the taste. If you still struggle, we do also have our TurmerEase Slices that may be easier to feed. These are available in chicken and lamb flavours. If you have any further queries please contact us on info@goldenpastecompany.com or call the office on 01423 503319. Many Thanks, Celine - The Golden Paste Company
                  Great pellets
                    "My horse loves these and she seems much brighter and to be moving more easily since we started them. She has them in her feed but will also eat them out my hand which will be great for in the summer when she’s not having feeds. Service is great too. My only complaint would be I’d like to be able to buy refills for the small tub rather than having to buy a plastic tub every time. "
                    Marianne W.
                    Golden paste
                      "Great product and fast delivery"
                      Amazing stuff
                        "Our old boy is like a puppy again since having golden paste it’s so lovely to see thank you 🥰"
                        Kerri-ann W.
                        TurmerAid - Love it
                          "Smells delicious, pony loves it, fast delivery and hopefully added health benefits - thank you The Goldern Paste Co."
                          Amazing results
                            "I started giving Bailey GP about 10 days ago. She’s been nasty and grumpy since her spay and was diagnosed with hip displacia last year. She had a hip replacement a year ago but still wasn’t nice to my other girl. Yesterday for the first time since her spay she wanted to play. It can’t be coincidence!! "
                              "very fast delivery really happy with product"
                              karen w.
                              Chloe loves them
                                "Absolutely loved by my spaniel. No complaints "
                                Julie S.
                                Very good
                                  "OK being honest I hate the taste of it but the paste it self is great, mixes well in food and even easy to take straight from a spoon. Only been taking it a week so far so a little too early to say if the benefits are great but saying that I do feel better overall. Would highly recommend it and the company. "
                                  Susan D.
                                  Turmeric sausage
                                    "Brilliant way to get my Gsd to take turmeric, he eats these easily and enjoys them,without me having to disguise in other food "
                                    Annette L.
                                    At 15 he knows what he likes!
                                      "And he likes these. I give his first lot when I leave for work in the mornings. He used to lie in the living room waiting for me to bring him treats but now he follows me around to make sure I don’t go without feeding them to him. Possibly too early to tell the exact affects of this on his arthritis but definitely an important part of my multimodal treatment of his arthritis. "
                                      Kat Sopp
                                      Still Hopeful!
                                        "Love the paste. Great texture and easy to mix into my dog's meals. She's also eating it, which is a bonus as she doesn't usually eat her food if we've added a supplement to. We're using it to try and help heal a suspected cruciate ligament issue with her leg that's making her limp on it intermittently. Now, 2 weeks in, she's still limping - but not as much! Here's hoping she continues to improve over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, we'll keep on giving her your golden paste."
                                        John N.
                                        Golden Paste
                                          "So easy to take and no messing about making it myself."
                                          Miracle paste
                                            "Amazing!my dogs issue disappeared after 2 weeks!"
                                            Diana S.
                                            Too soon to tell
                                              "Our two dogs enjoy theses as daily treats but probably to soon to say if it they have a positive impact on their overall health. Packaging and delivery were good"
                                              Carole G.
                                              Pet chicken chunks..
                                                "Thank you for your speedy and efficient service. Both my dogs are eating the chunks with no problem at all just in their dinner, so well done on the palatability and ease of use / dosing for the owners. Too early to make a judgement yet on whether it is helping, but my arthritic youngster has certainly had a very 'well' 2 weeks."
                                                Amazing Product!
                                                  "7 year old lab started limping slightly after periods of rest but walked it off reasonably quickly, after a trip to the vets they suspected mild arthritis. A friend recommended Turmeric Paste which my dog didn't like the taste off so took a chance with these, although expensive they're worth every penny! The limping has completely gone, she's more mobile than she's been in a while and generally seems a much happier dog. Medium sized Lab takes 6 of these treats a day with her food (3 in morning and 3 at night) and the tub seems to last around a month."
                                                  Mark N.
                                                  Golden Paste
                                                    "Easy to use, excellent packaging, only just started using this product, my dog has elbow dysplasia. Delivered very quickly."
                                                    Gillian O.
                                                      "I know the benefits of turmeric.. but getting my dogs to eat it was difficult until these lovely tasting (according to tezza) little chips of goodness...thank you"
                                                      Susan V.
                                                      The Best You Can Buy
                                                        "I do feel Turmeric has a beneficial anti inflammatory effect on my arthritis. Sometimes I have used capsules but my preference by a long way is Golden Paste. This is for me the best you can buy."
                                                        Andrew B.
                                                        Meadow Sweet
                                                          "Gorgeous smell when opening the pkt. My mare absolutely loved it. Will definitely be buying the 15kg bag from now on. Ty"
                                                          Dawn S.
                                                            "I use this for my wee Frenchie, who is getting on a bit and has arthritis. It definitely helps keep him pain free. I simply put it in with his food (he has a raw diet) and he eats it without difficulty. Mind you, he’ll eat anything that doesn’t move out of the way fast enough!"
                                                            Lynda W.
                                                            Turmeric chocolate
                                                              "I was surprised how lovely this chocolate was. Would love to see a dark chocolate version being introduced too. "
                                                              Heather T.

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