So we've just landed back in the office after leaving London at 06:30! Straight back to posting orders and answering emails, but its what we love! 

This was our first ever Discover Dogs, and we did not know what to expect. It far exceeded our expectations and is up there as one of Celine's favourite shows! As the non equestrian this was much more up her street and this showed as she snuck off early BOTH mornings to get around all the dogs before the show started!

London ExCel was a fantastic venue and the event run well by The Kennel Club, their experience with shows and events was clear as they were on hand as we set up. We stayed once again at the nearest Premmier Inn hotel, and we found the staff very attentive and the food was really very good. 

I am a smaller dog fan, Celine prefers the bigger ones but we both found new breeds that we had not heard of before. 

The show itself was successful, we officially launched our new TurmerEase chicken slices for pets. The slices went down with all the dogs really well and we sold almost all of our stock over the weekend, fortunately we have plenty left in the warehouse! 

So the next few days will be unpacking and re-organising our show stock ready for Your Horse Live in Stoneleigh....

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