UPDATES TO POLICY - we will provide updates below, real time as they happen.

26.11.18 - we have now acquired bespoke tape. As well as branded, this tape is fully recyclable and the 'sticky' is made from potato starch :)

5.11.18 - Our plastic bubble wrap is now 99% air, fully recyclable and re-usable.

31.11.18 - The case packs that our Golden Paste goes out to stockists and wholesalers in are fully recyclable or compostable and are made from cardboard.

25.10.18 - Our BRAND NEW TurmerEase Slices have been launched, with the environment firmly at the front of our mind when it has come to the packaging. These have been made in a cardboard tube, with a metallic lid. The cardboard can be recycled or composted and the lid recycled!

17.09.18 - 4kg pouches of TurmerAid are no longer available. The pouches they came in were a hybrid plastic/metallic and not recyclable in any way.


The Golden Paste Company Limited is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

The ways we aim to achieve this are set out below and are under constant review.

  • We aim to minimise our waste, evaluating our operations to ensure they are as efficient as possible.

  • Delivery, we use DPD APCand Royal Mail who both have their own policies which can be read by selecting them. By choosing DPD delivery you can be assured of the smallest environmental footprint from your order.

  • Recycling - we take care to recycle and reduce our waste internally, and have applied this thought process to our products and our packaging. 

  • Where we use bubble wrap, this wrap comes to us deflated, reducing the size of our deliveries and is inflated on site prior to packing. The wrap itself is fully recyclable and consists of over 90% air.

  • TURMERAID™ is sold in plastic food grade tubs. These tubs are not made from recycled plastic, but are recyclable, and re-usable. The refill pouches currently are not recyclable as they are a foil/laminate blend. We are currently reviewing our sacks and pouches to improve our environmental impact whilst retaining the integrity of the product.

  • Golden Paste: our pouches are recyclable, but the nozzle will need removing prior to placing these for recycling. 

  • Capsules: Our black capsule pots are not recyclable, whilst our clear ones are. These are under review prior to our next production run. 

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