How Big is your Bauble?

Fundraising for the Harrogate 'How Big is your Bauble' main fundraising event was held on Stray FM September 7th 2018. The campaign is in place to raise £30,000 to help the local council light up Harrogate at Christmas. 

Formed in 2008, Harrogate at Christmas - a group of volunteers - came together to support the local area raise the needed funds to erect and maintain the Christmas light displays. 

"The Christmas lights help to draw local people and visitors into town, keeping more money within the local economy. In fact, that was the main reason Harrogate at Christmas was formed, and why our motto remains 'Shop locally, celebrate locally'.

"But we need the support of as many people as possible to make sure our plans come together effectively and Harrogate gets the boost it needs this Christmas."

Here at the Golden Paste Company, we donated £250 to the fundraising.... given that we are a Harrogate company, and the whole team live and shop here, it is fantastic to be able to give something back! 

We are also exhibiting at the Harrogate Christmas Market again this year, and the area around the stray and Montpelier Quarter where the market is held always look amazing!

...And now we can reveal the total raised as a whopping:


We're thrilled that Harrogate is set to sparkle again this year. All money raised will be match funded by Harrogate Borough Council.

John Fox, Chair of Harrogate at Christmas, said:

"I think on the back of last year's Channel 5 programme many retailers realise the importance of doing a Christmas Shop Window.

"We've joined up with an organisation who are doing a mobile phone app, so when people come to Harrogate they'll be able to look at their mobile and there'll be a map showing them the location of all our Christmas Shop Windows.

"It's going to be a great year."

More information about the campaign at or by calling Councillor John Fox on 07801 273704.


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