Meet Socks

I have a little Welsh section A for my children, she is called Socks and is so very very cute and sweet! To give you some background, she is massively overweight and has been on restricted grazing / no grazing and lots of horse walker use.


The difficulty comes when you are trying to restrict calorie intake AND maintain ad lib access to roughage isn't it? We all know how important keeping the gut moving is, we all know how important fibre is and we all know how prevalent ulcers are!


We have been using an hayball and eazigrazerto soak her hay and slow the speed at which she demolishes it! Even with all these measures in place, she is still massively over weight so radical action needs to be taken. Having spoken with owner of our yard in quite some depth and detail, we've decided to put a 'track system' around one of the fields.

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