TurmerAid™ Turmeric Pellets

The Golden Paste Company, Innovators in turmeric supplements are the original creators of the turmeric pellet. Creating a mess free and easy to feed turmeric product, that has been formulated to optimise the bioavailability of key functional ingredients. 

We are delighted to bring you our finest turmeric pellet in the form our our brand new product, TURMERAID™.

• Contains Ingredients to support healthy joints
• Helps the integrity of the horse or pony’s natural defence and structural mechanisms
• Supports the processes that are involved in the inflammation cycle of horses and ponies
• Promotes well-being and general health

• Made with Turmeric certified with 5.10% Curcumin
• Linseed Oil which helps to maintain a healthy and shiny coat
• Cracked Black Pepper to aid bioavailability
• Yucca (Micro-Aid ®) to aid digestion and has positive effects on the Micro Flora that occurs naturally in the horse's stomach
• Includes Apple Cider Vinegar to increase palatability

• Can be fed safely to laminitics as part of a high fibre low sugar and starch diet.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude Protein 10%, Crude Oils & Fats 4.5%, Crude Fibre 21%, Crude Ash 10%, Starch 3%, Sugar 3.75%.




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