Oil pulling with coconut has been around for some time now, but can adding turmeric support this activity further?

People around the globe are trying alternative toothpastes including the recent trend in charcoal, but did you know turmeric can help with whitening the appearance of your teeth too? Crazy right as its stains everything else it comes into contact with!

Using turmeric seems to reduce the side effects of chemical tooth whiteners, that includes gingivitis, gum pain, receding gums and enamel problems. 


There are a number of studies into turmeric use for oral hygiene. One in 2012 showed turmeric can help reduce bacteria and plaque, another in 2013 showed it can be used alongside periodontist treatments.

Using turmeric should not replace your current oral health and hygiene routine, but may be a welcomed, weekly addition to your routine. Due to the abrasive nature of turmeric powder it would be unwise to use daily.


turmeric and coconut oil for teeth

Mixing a little coconut oil and turmeric powder (you can add some peppermint oil too if you like), dip your tooth brush into the mixture and brush your teeth and gums as normal. Do this no more than once a week and continue with your daily routine too.

WARNING: turmeric will stain anything else it comes into contact with, including fabric. Please rinse from porcelain immediately to prevent staining your sink.

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