Fiona started riding age 2 on a little ornery black Shetland that was given to her by the DC of the Pony Club... you think he would have put her off, but he only sparked up a determination in her to get the best out of everything!!


Fiona’s Eventing ‘bug’ was caught via the Pony Club in America, where she competed regularly in the world famous Kentucky Horse Park- home of Rolex! Fiona carried on right through the Pony Club when they moved home to England, passing her A-test with honours, and still puts back in to the teaching of ambitious young hopefuls!! 


While at University, having taken her horses with her, she was selected to represent GB on the Young Riders squad going out to compete in Portugal... this fuelled Fiona more to see how far and how long she could ‘play ponies’ before going back to do her Masters ... and she has, thus far, made an exciting career out of it!


Fiona has produced all of her own eventers right up from sourcing the youngsters from the breeders, and though some have been rather unlikely, now has an enviable string to be aiming for the stars! Having produced a handful through 3*, she hopes that 3 or 4 of the current string could be 4* bound... 


As with many motivated and ambitious Eventers striving to reach their dreams, Fiona makes the rest of her life work hard around funding this dream, and is massively appreciative of the wonderful people she can call her team... be it owners who have become friends, sponsors who help the wheels go round, and everyone else in the background... she is thrilled to bring Team Turmeric into the small inner circle she calls ‘THE TEAM’.


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