About Lambie

Lambie is a fleckit Shetland sheep.  He was born one week early on 24th April 2015.  Sadly, his mother and his twin sister died shortly afterwards and Lambie came to live with us, in our house, as one of the family.

Lambie in the AgaLambie’s start in life was bad - he had Joint Ill (polyarthritis) couldn’t walk for many days.  A variety of antibiotics plus intense physiotherapy and massage therapy left him mobile but he was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in both shoulders.  It was bone-on-bone causing Lambie intense pain and misery.  We were distraught and very worried.

We looked at what else we could do to support his joints, and came accross TurmerAid.  Lambie enthusiastically eats this every morning for breakfast.  The difference in Lambie is immense.  He gallops about happily,living life to the full.  I no longer worry and seeing Lambie’s smiley little face is all I need to know he is happy.

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