APRIL 2018

Whilst the others had a few weeks off, it was time to get all of the other horses that had been left at home whilst we were in Portugal going. We have some very promising 4 and 5yr olds so spent time getting them ready and taking them to lots of different shows, trying to let them see as much of the world as they can. It has also been exciting to get Ratina back out to some shows, although she is definitely not the easiest, she will always be my princess!

We also had the exciting arrivals of our first foals or 2018. We have 6 due all together this year,with the first 2 being due this month. First we had a stunning colt by Casall, out of our Holsteiner mare Calista who has been named Pluto. 2 weeks after that, Pye, a recipient mare from Twemlows, gave birth to a gorgeous filly by Billy Cointreau, out of our prolific winner Ashdale Senica (Libby). She has been named Ariel. The girls on the yard felt this year should have a theme of Disney character names. With an embryo transfer, they inseminate the mare, in this case Libby, as normal and then after approximately 8 days, they flush out her uterus to hopefully find an embryo that will then be implanted to a recipient mare (Pye). This then allows the original mare to carry on competing or potentially have more than 1 foal in a year.

We also had the stallion show open day at Twemlows. Twemlows is the leading artificial insemination, embryo transfer centre and stallion unit in the UK and We are lucky it is only 1 ½ miles up the road. They have an open day showcasing their amazing facilities and also the top class range of stallions that they offer for fresh and chilled semen. We took our young, very exciting prospect Ashdale Legend (Timmy) who is only 5yrs old but is full brother to our best horse Tempra.  He did an excellent display, showing his fabulous temperament, great technique and bundles of scope. Hopefully he will receive a few mares as this is his first season available.

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