May with Lambie

Lambie has been very clingy recently.  It could be a combination of two things - the heat and flies which he hates with a passion, plus the idea of being the only one who still gets breakfast.

 Lambie has always been good at communicating with us and he makes it very clear if he wants to be one of the family or one of the flock - we have 3 other sheeple he can live with.

 But Lambie’s happy smiley face is never far away and he looks up if I shout his name and happily answers back, deciding whether it is worth it to come running over.  Sometimes I have biscuits and he loves Ginger Nuts.  Obviously they have to be rationed!

 We go on dog walks together - the dog is on the lead because of the newborn lambs everywhere while Lambie finds them fascinating.  They just look back at him as if he is mad going out with a dog and a person for a walk.

 I guess that is the price of bonding with a dog and a human.


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