‘May’ we begin.... with Fiona Davidson

..... with a lot of excitement and positive vibes...

Fiona has, along with most of the Eventing Nation, had a very frustrating start to the 2018 season... as we are approaching June, Fiona has, thus far, only managed to get out to 4 events! So far we have had nothing but double clears, and a few decent placings, so Fiona is very excited to be getting going properly!!

We’ll get the negatives out of the way... The main downer to 2018 has been that Fiona’s top horse Smokie has had a small procedure, and will be starting walk work next month... but the 2018 season is out for him... and the retirement of the other 3* horse Tornebank Valentino, owned by Mrs Jill Mellink- an old injury, reopened in the field end of last season, and seems sadly, to be a career ending outcome... but positive vibes and best foot forward, and all that...

The newest horse to join ‘The Team’ is Kannanball Run’, by the World Famous Kannan (World Top 10 Stallion for 8 consecutive years so far) with Frank and Jane Herrick each buying a leg of him to be part of the fun... and he didn’t disappoint, at his first 100 outing with a 26 double clear- good enough for a win!!

Fiona Davidson

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