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Pet Sausages - The Golden Paste Company

Pet Sausages

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We are delighted to offer for sale two flavours of turmeric sausages for the discerning pet with a select palate.  Made with 60% Chicken or White Fish, sweet potato and TurmOil Supplements® to deliver our bespoke turmeric blend. The feed rate on these sausages is lower than the previous sausages as they contain more of the TurmOil Supplements blend – as will be seen by the colour.Feeding is just 1cm per 10kg of animal.The meat and fish is Red Tractor and MSC certified.FishMoisture 25.2% | Protein 20.4% | Fibre 2.4% | Ash 4.1% | Oil 4.1%

ChickenMoisture 21.8% | Protein 15.0% | Fibre 3.2% | Ash 3.1% | Oil 19.1%

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