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Turmeric has traditionally been used in Asia for over 4000 years in Ayurveda , cooking and religious ceremonies. The use of 'golden milk' for stomach upset and mild ailments is dated as early as 500 BC! Before modern medicine, people had to search for and use natural resources when suffering with ailments.

Turmeric contains over 200+ nutrients, minerals, vitamins, bio-active compounds and essential oils that work synergistically to create this 'super spice'. One of the main compounds is called curcumin. Curcumin is an antioxidant - research into antioxidants show they can neutralise free radicals - and supports the body's inflammation processes. Other compounds have been found to break down proteins which form in the brain and early research indicates turmeric may help prevent a process called cell methylation. Another study looked at the effects of ar-turmerone on stem cells within adult brains, it showed that it supported self-repair and recover of brain function. as well as helping with developing stem cells into new neurons.

Whilst the research is in its early stages and much of it struggling to be replicated outside of the laboratory setting, there is a lot of excitement about the possibilities of this super spice. There certainly are very few reasons not to include this yellow curry spice in your daily diet, except occasional medicinal interactions - but you can check those

Turmeric For People

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