About Us

Who are the Golden Paste Company?

The Golden Paste Company is a leading manufacturer of innovative turmeric based supplements. The benefits of turmeric are well known, but getting turmeric in an ‘activated’ and desirable form can prove difficult. The Golden Paste Company strives to achieve this for everyone, from human to horse, hound and everything in between. The Golden Paste Company brand, is well known and respected for the quality of its products. Raw ingredients sourced to the highest of standards, from BRC accredited establishments and NOPS approved equine centres. HACCP and DEFRA guidelines are followed and licences in place for the relevant products. All this gives you piece of mind and assures you of full traceability and quality.

Who are we and why turmeric?

As the founder of The Golden Paste Company, I came across the health benefits of turmeric in 2014 when looking for a natural remedy for my horse. I discovered the Turmeric User Group, and Doug English and started making and feeding Golden Paste to my cob. My cob Ted, was on turmeric for quite some time before I further discovered the benefits for people and began to encapsulate turmeric for my son to use. Literally filling capsules on the kitchen table, and cooking paste on the hob at home I quickly realised there were people to did not want to make it themselves due to the time and mess that could occur.  In December 2015, The Golden Paste Company was incorporated and since then we have given ourselves to providing and innovating high quality turmeric products for everyone – from people to their pets.

#TeamTurmeric - the family Celine Scott is PA to Janine and looks after the day to day office duties. Kirsten Baul is our sales and customer service apprentice and is most likely who you speak to when you call. Darren Kell is our warehouse manager and maintenance go to guy – basically does all the dirty jobs.