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Bourbon, Paisley and Eleven


Bourbon, Paisley and Eleven are three Working Cocker Spaniels from Surrey, England. Bourbon is 8 years old, Paisley is 7 years old and is a rescue dog and the newest member is Eleven, 8 months. All enjoy the health benefits of turmeric by The Golden Paste Company.

The dogs compete in Agility, Obedience, Obreedience, Parkour and beat during the shooting season. They also take part in the Good Citizen Gold display at Crufts and Discover Dogs with our Midlands-based display team. We are qualified for Crufts 2022 in Obreedience with our team 'The Cool Cockers'. Bourbon and Paisley have completed all of the Good Citizen exams and Eleven has done her bronze.

Their favourite things are food (raw fed), walkies, balls and the beach.

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Nicky and Bailarin

Nicky Margieson Schellander is one of the UK’s only professional female jousters and trick rider. Nicky owns a PRE-Spanish stallion named Bailarin and has owned him for nine years. Nicky lives between the coast of North Devon and Exmoor with her husband and adopted barn owl.

She has many years’ experience in live action jousting stunt shows, plus working with horse stunt teams in the film and television industry. Her roles have included training horses, riders and actors, and she has worked on films such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Hammer of the Gods (where she doubled with actor Charlie Bewley), the TV series Merlin, and many others.

Her skills and passion are in armour jousting, stunt riding, mounted combat, skill at arms, sword fighting, sword fighting on horseback, shooting on horseback, and mounted falconry.

Nicky has also trained in the USA in full contact (or heavy armoured) jousting, working with The Knights of Valour and The Knights of Mayhem. This involves so much training and physical endurance that only around eight women in the USA perform. The armour weighs around nine stone. Female competitors pit their physical and mental strength against men. Training horses to both carry and wear horse armour needs a relationship with a large amount of mutual trust and respect.

Within the UK, Nicky has worked with various live action teams such as The Knights of The Damned and others.

Two years ago, Nicky was diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time in four years. She harnessed her determination to get back to what she is passionate about; horses and her health. Intrinsic to that journey, was turmeric.

In 2019 Nicky worked hard to become a Special Action Artist or SPACT and was selected by a London SPACT stunt agency in summer 2019.

Her stallion, Bailarin, is her key partner for work and life. Both a majestic and incredibly intuitive horse, he also has experience working on photo shoots. Their partnership is based on trust and freedom.

Nicky is also a free diver, competing internationally with a depth record of 42 metres, and a four minute 36 second breath hold. She won bronze in the UK Depth Championships in 2019and came fourth in the Infinity International Depth Games in Cyprus.

Nicky lives by the mantra; ‘If you love your life, you will and can, find a way to keep fit and look after yourself. If you want to enjoy and savour each day live to the fullest without compromise.’

Her hobbies and work continually push boundaries in health and wellbeing, as do her individual skills in pressurised situations and performing in high stamina environments.

Brand Ambassadors - Thordale Croft

Thordale Croft

Rescuing Shetland Sheep and Ponies

Frances and her family moved from London to Shetland over 20 years ago and now live in a traditional Shetland Croft - people and animals. Frances breeds and trains Icelandic horses, whilst rescuing Shetland ponies and sheep.

Having had three spinal operations, Frances wants to live a pill-free life working the croft and riding her Icelandic horses. To help achieve this, Frances takes the High Strength Turmeric Capsules every day. Her rescue sheep all eat TurmerAid for breakfast and because of this Lambie, especially, has been given a new lease of life. He suffered from joint-ill when young, which has resulted in bone-on-bone arthritis, but you would not know this to see him run and jump. The anti-inflammatory properties combined with the analgesia make this a safe product to use daily. The difference in his daily quality of life is enormous.

Winter can be very tough in Shetland and, as well as the stud and competition horses, Frances has her much-loved old, retired horses living here too. TurmerAid plays an essential role in their daily lives. She has also used it with success for varying medical emergencies, e.g., post-operative care for retained placenta, inflamed sheath, kicking injuries, sweet itch, and stress. Currently her riding horse, who has a vivid imagination, eats it to keep his hooves on the ground!

Turmeric, in its many forms, plays an important part of Frances’ First Aid kit - both animal and human.

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Sidney and Nancy

Sidney and Nancy are a miniature dachshund duo riding low in Ironbridge, UK. Sidney (3) is a real Jack the lad type who loves posing for the camera and can perform plenty of tricks. He’s mainly known for his adorable wolf-like howling which went viral on social media.

Cream, longhaired Nancy joined him in early 2021, she’s the textbook ‘annoying little sister’ - but just look at her! No one can stay mad for long.

Sid and Nancy may be small, but they have the personality (and bark!) of a big dog. They’re both real adventurers who love days out and exploring - don’t be fooled by their short legs!

They are fed on a raw diet and The Golden Paste Company products are part of their healthy and tasty daily food routine - they love the products and they’re proud to be representing the brand!

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Faye & The Crazy Collies

Molly, Buddy & Ralf are 3 crazy border collies from Greater Manchester! Molly is a 7-year-old Black & White Rescue, Buddy is a 2-year-old Black Tricolour and Ralf is the newest addition, a 7-month-old Blue Tricolour! Molly & Buddy compete in flyball, and Ralf will join them when he is old enough! We are hoping to make it into a Crufts team soon! When not fly balling they all love to swim! They all thrive from a raw diet and benefit from the effects of The Golden Paste Company’s products, especially Molly! We can’t wait to be promoting the brand and being part of Team Turmeric!

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Eilberg Dressage

Ferdi Eilberg
Ferdi was born in Germany and trained under multiple Olympic Gold Medallist, Reiner Klimke. He moved to England in 1980 and has ridden for the British Dressage Team many times, winning team silver in the 1993 European Championships with ArunTor who he also partnered in the 1998 World Games in Rome. He was also shortlisted with Arun Tor and Demonstrator for the 1996 Olympics. Ferdi was dressage trainer to the British eventing team from 1982 – 92 and still coaches Mary King. He was appointed Director of Coaching to the British dressage team in 2002 and Performance Manager in 2003, the year the team won its first European medal, bronze, in 10 years. Ferdi ,now 64 continues to train from his training yard near Redditch in Worcestershire.
Maria Eilberg
Maria has won two European pony team silver medals and two Young Rider European team bronze medals. She joined the World Class Performance Squad in 2007 aged 23 and has since ridden on Nations Cups. She was chosen as travelling reserve rider for the 2006 World Championships in Aachen with her Young Rider horse Two Sox who was bought as an unbroken 3 yr. old. 2008 was a very exciting season for Maria and Two Sox , in August they travelled to China as the reserve horse and rider for the Olympic Games and in September won the Blue Waters Grand Prix Freestyle and became the overall British National Champions. In 2009/2010 they were members of the European and World Silver Medal winning teams in Windsor and Kentucky respectively. Maria has enjoyed much success training on and competing through the levels on a number of different horse and more recently and more recently in international events with her own Royal Concert and Farah Al Khojai’s Sarrotti. She is currently training for her list one judge’s examination and alongside coaching hopes to achieve international status as a judge.

Michael Eilberg
Michael rode his first affiliated dressage test in 2007 having first competed in pony, young rider and senior showjumping trials. Michael joined the World Class Development squad at the beginning of 2009 and went on to gain international placing’s and wins at premier league shows with his horses Marakov and Monet in his first season of Grand Prix. Undoubtedly the highlight of 2011 was his results with the British bred Woodlander Farouche who followed her unbeaten record as a four year old with the Shearwater Five Year National and Badminton Young Horse titles in the UK and went on to win the 2011/2 World Championships in Verden for five and six year old horses holding the current world record for this competition of 9.88%. Michael has since been on the British Team on three consecutive occasions with: 2013 Half Moon Delphi Bronze Team medal European Champs at Herning in 2013 and 2014 Half Moon Delphi Silver medal World Games in Caen and individually placed 8th. 2015 European Silver medal team in Aachen with his own Marakov. Michael is currently busy producing horses, many of which are now homebred, for the Grand Prix arena and hopes he will have horses ready for international competition in 2022.

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