Turmeric In The News

Turmeric has been part of the Vedic way of life for over 4000 years, more recently turmeric is on the TV and in the newspapers and its science is being uncovered and its popularity grows.

Dr Doug English (BVSc) on his use of Turmeric for health.

Equestrian Trade News- Dr Doug English: Turmeric- 01/10/2017

Clarins Turmeric anti ageing serum

Clarins; Product Release- 24/07/2017

CLARINS have also joined the turmeric revolution with their new anti-aging  double serum



Sheila Dillon on the health claims of Turmeric

Radio 4- Shelia Dillon: Turmeric- 28/05/2017

In this 30 minute radio snippet, Sheila investigates health claims associated with turmeric and curcumin. Includes discussions regarding an article published in British Medical Journal Case Reports and Trust Me I'm a Doctor. As well as Dieneke Ferguson, a cancer patient who turned to curcumin as a treatment for cancer,  and Monisha Bharadwaj- author of The Indian Cookery Course.

Michael Mosley and the Trust me I'm a doctor team look at the effectiveness at Turmeric for protecting us against cancer.
BBC2- Trust Me I'm a Doctor: Series 5, Episode 3: Does Turmeric really help protect us from cancer?- 22/09/2016

Michael Mosley and the doctors undertake an experiment involving several UK universities and ground breaking technology to test whether 'turmeric can protect us from cancer'. 

The result of this research was that the SLC6A15 gene was altered most drastically by those taking turmeric as oppose to a supplement or placebo. Read more about the implications of this study or watch the episode at the link below: