What is Micro-Aid®

....allows for maximum nutrient utilization, gut health, immune function and animal performance.....

Micro-Aid® is manufactured from an all-natural, phytogenic extract whose active component has been demonstrated through research to have biological properties. Recent research efforts have focused on understanding the effects this phytogenic extract has on bacteria common to the intestinal microbiome of domestically raised food animals and how this relates to promoting a healthier gastrointestinal tract environment.

Results from this research suggest that when Micro-Aid® is fed, it functions to optimize a healthy relationship of indigenous gastrointestinal bacteria. Colonization of indigenous bacteria and maintenance of a homeostatic population allows for maximum nutrient utilization, gut health, immune function and animal performance.

To go along with a better understanding of mode of action for Micro-Aid®, it is a technology that has stood the test of both university and commercial evaluation as it is as effective in today’s commercial livestock industry as it was when it was first introduced over fifty years ago. Performance and health benefits have been reported in growing swine, feedlot beef cattle, broilers, lactating dairy cows, dairy rebreeding performance, sow and litter performance, layers, turkeys, rabbits, horses, pets, and aquaculture.


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