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A Natural Approach to Aid Recovery from Hard Ground

Aid Recovery from Hard Ground

Over the summer months prolonged periods of dry weather can make natural surfaces hard and compacted which can increase concussion to the horse’s limbs. Hard ground has a higher impact resistance so the energy transmitted from the horse is not absorbed to the ground, increasing concussion up the limb.

Whilst some of us are lucky enough to have access to an all-weather synthetic surface to ride and train on, for others this is not an option so faster work may be carried out on sub-optimal ground. When competing it can also be difficult to avoid harder ground despite the best efforts of event organisers.

To avoid issues as a result of hard ground, such as tendon injuries or concussive laminitis, it is important to make the right decisions for your horse and to remain mindful when working on different surfaces.

Providing nutritional support in the form of a natural antioxidative supplement can also help to maintain healthy joints and aid recovery following exposure to hard ground.

TurmerAid™, from The Golden Paste Company, is a natural turmeric supplement for horses which supports healthy joints, aids digestion and promotes a healthy skin and coat. The supplement sustains healthy joints as it helps the integrity of the equine natural defence and structural mechanisms, while supporting the body’s natural inflammation processes.

The only pelleted turmeric supplement on the market, TurmerAid™ is carefully formulated with key ingredients for maximum absorption and bio-availability. The complete turmeric pellet contains a minimum 5.1% curcumin, yucca, black pepper, linseed and apple cider vinegar.

TurmerAid™ remains effective as the ingredients are evenly distributed in each pellet and are only released when the horse bites into them. There is no risk of individual ingredients dissipating inside the tub over time and the horse subsequently receiving an unbalanced measure. The pellets can be added to feed or fed alone by hand or from a bucket.

The RRP for a 2kg tub is £19.99.