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Where is our Turmeric from?

Having worked with Turmeric for many years, we have done plenty of research and testing on the different types of Turmeric available. In the western world, Turmeric has become increasingly popular over the last few years. As a consequence to this, there is higher risk of Turmeric supply being cut with other things such as potato starch, lead etc. to make the Turmeric go further.

Our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and this philosophy is not compromised when sourcing our Turmeric. 

Indonesian Turmeric

The Turmeric we purchase from Indonesia is a different variety compared to that which originates from India, Java Turmeric is Curcuma xanthorrhiza rather than Curcuma longa; Java turmeric has more a higher essential oil content than Indian, and it has extra phenolic compounds not found in Indian grown Turmeric.

Indonesian grown turmeric

They are also processed differently in the field/primary process; Indian turmeric undergoes a steaming step in the fields before sun drying the whole root, where as Java material is sliced before sun drying. Naturally, the Curcumin levels will fluctuate depending on the crop. We have an agreement that our Turmeric contains a minimum of 5% Curcumin in all our product ranges.

Golden Paste Turmeric

Our Turmeric is ethically sourced from local Indonesian farmers. 

Golden Paste Turmeric