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What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant from the ginger family. The rhizome is used to produce the more commonly known bright yellow Turmeric spice powder.  Turmeric the spice has been used for 4000 years in cooking and is the spice that gives Indian curries their distinctive yellow colour.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin, as one of over 200 compounds within Turmeric, is the main active ingredient in Turmeric. It is a strong antioxidant and has a metabolic effect in the natural inflammation cycle of the body’s defence mechanisms.

Where does Turmeric come from?

Turmeric is native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The Golden Paste Company use Turmeric from Indonesia. You can read more about our Turmeric here.

What are the benefits of Turmeric?

It is a strong antioxidant and has a metabolic effect in the natural inflammation cycle of the body’s defence mechanisms. The Golden Paste Company believe in using the whole root, so you get both the Curcumin and whole root Turmeric benefits. Turmeric contains 235 compounds and essential oils, including calcium, magnesium and vitamins C, E, K.

What does Turmeric do?

Turmeric contains components that can have roles in various metabolic systems. As well as containing antioxidants, turmeric supports processes involved in the inflammation cycle. Inflammation is a natural response to stress factors which normally decreases after time and is part of the body’s natural defence and structural mechanisms.

Why are antioxidants useful?

Oxidative products can be generated by inefficiencies of biochemical pathways. Some oxidative processes generate free radicals, which can also be found in the environment. Antioxidants, such as curcumin, maintain metabolic efficiency and help optimise free radical release.

What is bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the ease with which any nutrient can make its way from the food eaten into the body. The Golden Paste Company’s supplements are all formulated with ingredients to ensure maximum bioavailability, which makes them more effective than others available on the market.

Why do you need to mix Turmeric with oil?

You may have read that Turmeric needs to be with oil and pepper. This is correct if you are wanting to reap the benefits from this miracle spice.

Turmeric is a fat-soluble spice, this means without any fat/oil binding it, the Turmeric struggles to get into the body’s bloodstream. Mixing it with oil helps the solubility and therefore the absorption into the body. The Golden Paste Company use a selection of oils including Linseed (Flax) and coconut.

Why do you need to ensure the Turmeric contains black pepper?

It has been shown that Black pepper can help increase the absorption rate by up to 2000%. This could be due to it making the Curcumin pass into the bloodstream more easily but also there are signs it can slow down the breakdown of Curcumin by the liver, therefore remaining in the system for longer.

What classifies as good quality, high strength Turmeric?

The quantity of turmeric is typically measured in mg and the curcumin levels are measured by a %. The key things to look for in turmeric supplement is the quality, ensuring that the supplement contains oil and pepper and be higher than 3% of curcumin. The Golden Paste Company use the purest turmeric source from Indonesia which contains a minimum of 5% curcumin. The quantity of turmeric included in each supplement and feeding guidelines are formulated by Dr Tom Shurlock on metabolic rate.

What are bulking agents and fillers?

When choosing your turmeric supplement, you should see if they contain bulking agents or fillers. They are non-nutritive additives that increase the bulk (volume or weight) of the supplement, essentially meaning fewer active ingredients will be in there.

Does The Golden Paste Co use preservatives or additives?

An additive is a substance added to something in small quantities to improve or preserve it. All of our supplements are natural and additive free.

We do add citric acid and potassium sorbate in the golden paste for pets and humans product. Citric acid is derived from lemon juice and helps to improve shelf life and no need to store in a fridge. Potassium sorbate is the salt of a natural fatty acid – sorbic acid. Its role is as a preservative however, sorbate is also an antimicrobial, especially effective against moulds fungi etc. It is also an antioxidant. A win win for all!


What are the benefits of Turmeric for horses?

Turmeric for horses helps support their inflammatory cycles and other issues that arise from oxidative stress.

Will my horse eat Turmeric?

Turmeric is strong in smell and flavour. Fussy horses will most likely will turn their noses up at turmeric powder. The Golden Paste Company’s TurmerAid has added Apple Cider Vinegar making the pellets extremely palatable, you can be confident even the fussiest of horses will eat the pellets. Try before you buy, request a sample here.

Can Turmeric be used as a joint supplement for horses?

Yes, Turmeric is an effective joint supplement for horses. We would recommend TurmerAid for joint problems in horses as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants to help problems that arise from oxidative stress.

Can I use a golden paste for horses?

Golden paste for horses can be an option for feeding turmeric to your horse. We would recommend the turmeric pellets for horses– TurmerAid, it contains apple cider vinegar for palatability and is easier to use in a pellet form.

What is TurmerAid™ for horses?

TurmerAid for horses are Turmeric pellets containing linseed oil and black pepper. It is a very palatable and convenient way to feed Turmeric to your horse.  Unlike Turmeric powder, it is mess-free and requires no mixing with other ingredients, because it has been uniquely formulated, containing all the necessary ingredients to optimise the bioavailability of the key functional ingredients. 

What are the benefits of TurmerAid™?

TurmerAid is suitable for all horses and ponies. We have many customers that feed TurmerAid for different reasons such as joint issues, general wellbeing, preventive in younger horses, muscle and growth function, liver health, gut health and much more!

What are the main ingredients in TurmerAid™?

As well as Turmeric, our TurmerAid contains Linseed Oil to help maintain a healthy and shiny coat, freshly cracked Black Pepper to aid bioavailability, Yucca to aid digestion and Apple Cider Vinegar to increase palatability.

Do you need to add additional oil and Black Pepper to the TurmerAid™ pellets?

TurmerAid already contains Linseed Oil and cracked Black Pepper to optimise bioavailability.  You do not need to add anything else.

Can I feed TurmerAid™ and TurmerItch™ to my laminitic pony?

TurmerAid and TurmerItch. can be fed safely to laminitics as part of a high fibre, low sugar and starch diet.

What is the difference between turmeric powder for horses and TurmerAid?

We cannot comment on other proprietary Turmeric formulations.  However, our product has been formulated with the best quality ingredients to optimise the bioavailability of key functional ingredients.  Unlike dry powder formulations, TurmerAid  is a complete Turmeric pellet, which is convenient to feed with no mess. We have also added ingredients for further benefits such as, yucca for digestion and apple cider vinegar.

My horse has ulcers.  Can I feed him TurmerAid™?

Yes, you can.  TurmerAid  is easily digested and contains components that support the mucosal lining in the stomach and help in the normal function of the stomach.  However, we would recommend you consult your vet first to ensure this does not interfere with your horse’s veterinary treatment plan.

How much TurmerAid™ do I feed to my horse?

Refer to the feeding guide here.

Does black pepper irritate the horse’s stomach?

Although people assume the pungency of pepper irritates the stomach, there is no evidence to support this. In fact, pepper, and other ingredients in TurmerAid contain components that sustain normal gastric physiology and aid digestion.

Can I give TurmerAid to my dog?

TurmerAid certainly wouldn’t harm your dog but why not check out our full pet range which has been carefully formulated for your 4-pawed friend?!

What is TurmerItch™ for horses?

TurmerItch. is our skin and coat supplement in a unique pellet form. It can be used to maintain a healthy skin and coat or can help horses and ponies with issues such as biting insects and other skin conditions.

What are the benefits of feeding TurmerItch?

TurmerItch. can help with healthy skin and coats, repel biting insects, promote hair re-growth, provide soothing properties, and much more! During winter TurmerItch can help with things like mud fever and rain scald.

Why is there no black pepper in TurmerItch?

It includes many other natural ingredients which improve the bioavailability of Turmeric. Such as Quercetin which is found in Milk Thistle.

Can TurmerItch help with Sweet Itch?

TurmerItch. contains Red Bush Tea which provides antioxidants and helps dry, itchy and irritated skin along with Chamomile powder which calms nerves and reduces stress.

The unique combination of ingredients within TurmerItch helps to soothe the skin to reduce itching, helps to repel biting insects and also improves skin and coat health and well as promoting hair regrowth.

The range of antioxidants in the horse skin supplement help to mediate the stress factors within the horse that lead to inflammatory responses, which ultimately lead to further itching.

Omega-3 Oils and Vitamin E within the supplement have a repellent effect, because when the body responds to these irritants, it secretes sebum from the glands at the base of hair follicle which forms a protective barrier, using these essential oils to maintain skin integrity.

Do you need to feed TurmerAid alongside TurmerItch?

TurmerItch. does contain turmeric but has other ingredients that are specifically targeted for skin and coat health. So, ask yourself – am I feeding TurmerAid for joint health, digestion or for general health – if the answer is yes, we would recommend feeding alongside.

How come TurmerItch is more expensive than TurmerAid?

TurmerItch. is not just turmeric, it contains a number of high-quality ingredients including Red Bush Tea, Neem and chamomile. We carried out extensive research and trials prior to launching the product and the price reflects the quality of ingredients included in the formulation.

What is the difference between TurmerAid and TurmerItch?

If you are looking for a turmeric specific supplement for your horse or pony choose TurmerAid. Turmeric can help general wellbeing, joint health, digestion and skin and coat health.

If you are looking for a specific skin and coat supplement for your horse or pony choose TurmerItch. TurmerItch is formulated with turmeric but has other natural ingredients to target skin health and hair regrowth such as Neem, Red Bush Tea and Chamomile. TurmerItch can be used for all skin conditions.


Is turmeric good for dogs?

Yes. Turmeric for dogs helps support their inflammatory cycles and other issues that arise from oxidative stress. Turmeric is an excellent ingredient to include into your dogs’ diets just to the natural anti-inflammatory effects and the antioxidant properties. It is a powerful natural ingredient, proven by science.

Is turmeric safe for dogs?

Yes. Turmeric is a natural ingredient and the ideal supplement for support your dog without any side effects unlike some traditional medications. The natural products and extracts used by GPC have all been reviewed from their potential toxicological view. Any that report potential dangers, even if only at very high levels, are rejected. Any product if fed in large doses could potentially cause some form of dysfunction, such as diarrhoea or constipation, but generally these are at levels over 100 times normal recommendations. The accidental feeding of a whole packet will cause no problems.

What are the benefits of golden paste for dogs?

We have customers that use our turmeric supplements for dogs for many reasons including joint pain, chronic illness, cancer, digestive issues, skin problems and many more.

Our turmeric supplements can help support:

  • Joint Health – supports the body’s natural inflammation processes.

  • General Wellbeing – helps the integrity of the natural defence mechanisms and maintains wellbeing and general health.

  • Aids Digestion – supports the micro-flora naturally occurring in the stomach and aids digestion.

  • Coat & Skin – helps to maintain a healthy shine and coat.

What is in our golden paste for dogs?

Turmeric: We believe in the whole root rather than just an extract as turmeric is made up of over 200+ compounds that synergistically work together. Our curcumin levels will never be lower than 5.1%. We source from Indonesia rather than India due to quantities of lead being found in some sources of Indian grown turmeric.

Coconut Oil: We use cold pressed and organic coconut oil, as this aids bioactive absorption and supports intestinal health. Quite simply, it is needed for the turmeric to work as curcumin has low solubility in water. The coconut oil is the perfect healthy fat for the curcumin to attach to. 

Apple Cider Vinegar: Our apple cider vinegar is complete with “the mother”. We use this unfiltered version as it keeps the beneficial bacteria, yeast and protein. It is ripe with B-vitamins and polyphenols (plant-based antioxidants) and includes compounds such as quercetin which can help with absorption and bioavailability.

Black Pepper (Piperine): We have added black pepper into the paste as it contains the bioactive piperine. Piperine has been shown to help poor digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ceylon Cinnamon: We use Ceylon (true) cinnamon which acts as an anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants, and has antimicrobial effects. This super powerful ingredient supplies a range of bio actives that support gut health, absorption, and the optimisation of insulin metabolism.

Can turmeric golden paste help my dogs skin?

Yes, turmeric can benefit your dog’s skin. We would recommend TurmerItch for dogs which is specifically formulated for skin health. It contains turmeric but also has other natural ingredients such as chamomile, red bush tea and thyme.

What is the best turmeric supplement for dogs?

The best turmeric supplement for dog’s dependent on the ingredients included. Turmeric supplements must be formulated with an oil and black pepper and include a high strength, high quality turmeric powder as a minimum. Our pet range include the highest strength, purest turmeric and have been formulated with oil and pepper and additional ingredients to ensure results. 

Is turmeric good for dogs’ joints?

Absolutely! Our products support the body's natural inflammation processes. Many of our customers have had success stories with our products and joint health, read our reviews.

Can turmeric help with cancer in dogs?

There are many bioactive substances that are being researched in the race to cure cancer. Turmeric, for example, has been shown to have some effect on the release of tumour necrosis factors (TNF) that are critical in the reduction of cancer cells. However, most development is at the test tube level and so it would be unhelpful and unlawful to make any claims on the role of bio actives, extrapolated to daily situations. Many owners do report beneficial effects with our products, and they may well mirror those results found in research situations. As more data becomes available, we may be able to link our bio actives to the complex biochemistry of cancerous cells.

Can I feed these turmeric supplements to a puppy?

Our pet products are perfectly safe for puppies. The ingredients in our products have good antioxidant properties; as such they support normal development processes associated with the growth of puppies. Depending on the ingredients of the product, they help support cardiovascular development, bone growth, neural development as well as helping the growth of the immune system. Their antioxidant interaction with the inflammation cycle also has positive properties in muscular function, skin and coat condition and general wellbeing.

Can I feed to pregnant dogs?

Yes, but should be fed to the pre-gravid weight of the mother.

Can I feed alongside medication?

Our products are natural, many medications can be combined with our products safely. However, we would always recommend speaking with your vet first.

What Golden Paste turmeric supplement should I feed my dog?

We currently offer four turmeric supplements for pets.

Turmeric Golden Paste for Dogs – Our flagship product, a ready to feed supplement in a paste form. Use if your dog is not fussy.

TurmerEase™ - Contain all the benefits of turmeric in a tasty chicken supplement slice. Use if you your dog is fussy and would like the added benefits of Yucca, Linseed (Flax) and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Capsules for Pets – contains all 3 necessary ingredients, turmeric, oil and pepper in a capsule. The capsule shell is safe, it is natural and suitable for vegans. Use if you are on the go a lot of the time and your dog is not fussy.

TurmerItch™ for Dogs - A supplement to help provide relief from itching and soothe the skin by promoting a healthy skin and coat. Use to specifically target your dog’s skin. TurmerItch can help with all skin conditions.