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Consumer Advice: Choose a Trusted Seller and Beware of Imitations

Here at The Golden Paste Company we are proud of our effective products which have made a difference to humans and animals by improving joint health, digestion, mobility and general wellbeing.

Our turmeric supplements are carefully formulated to optimise the bio-availability of key ingredients. The Golden Paste Company products are also compliant with NOPS, UFAS, HACCP and BRC regulations. We take your wellbeing and that of your pets and horses very seriously which is why we take such great care in developing and manufacturing products.

It has unfortunately been brought to our attention recently that third party sellers have tampered with packaging and in some cases repackaged our products. There are also claims made about the products which are not warranted with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and not in line with our key product messages.   

If you like our company’s approach and high quality products please support us by buying only our products, not cheap imitations or repackaged items. Only buy from our trusted stockists and online retail partners. If you are in doubt please contact us.

Be sure to look for our company name and logo on packaging and products. You can also check our website to see the size and weight which our products are manufactured to.

If you do find imitations of any of our products in the marketplace, we would sincerely appreciate if you bring it to our attention by calling us on 01423 503319 or emailing

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