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Flying the Flag for British Manufacturing

The Golden Paste Company, a division of I’Anson Brothers Ltd, manufactures all of their products in the UK and has become part of the independent, fifth generation, family-owned and family-managed company in 2017.

Well-known for their quality turmeric supplements in the equine, pet and human markets, the company pride themselves on delivering effective products that have undergone vigorous testing which mirrors the I’Anson philosophy of quality is always put first.

NOPS, UFAS, HACCP and BRC regulations ensure the highest standards are met and all facilities meet the relevant standards for all products. Raw materials are ethically sourced and recyclable packaging is encouraged at all stages of the chain.

The deep involvement of the fifth generation of the I’Anson family is evidence of its enthusiastic commitment to the business and the company’s stability and continuity. Customers and suppliers also appreciate the direct link between themselves and the owners and managers of the business.

Said Sales Manager, Hattie I’Anson: “We are proud to be a family-owned business and have really demonstrated how dedicated our team is throughout recent challenges which were brought about by COVID-19. It is great working with relatives, but we really do see I’Anson employees as a family in itself.  

“The Golden Paste Company kept manufacturing quality British-made products and maintained an excellent service for customers throughout lockdown whilst following government guidelines. We are grateful for our loyal customers who supported us and continue to do so.”

I'Anson Brothers Ltd is one of the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturers of premier animal feedstuffs and has been serving farmers in Yorkshire and the North of England since 1900.

The Golden Paste Company is sister company to British Horse Feeds, manufacturers of Speedi-Beet, Fibre-Beet and Cooked Linseed.

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