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Itching Dog Through Winter. Why Is My Dog Itching?

Why is my dog so itchy?

Seasonal changes can have an effect on your dog’s skin and coat health. With winter nights creeping in, you may have noticed an increase in your dog’s itching due to the seasonal changes and home heating systems.

Itchy skin (also known as pruritis) can be a problem for our canine friends all year around and is the manifestation of a huge range of potential causes, making it hard to identify the root cause.

Here are some of the most common causes to Itchy skin in dogs:

Allergic Response to an Insect Bite

Flea bites can create extreme itchiness. It is important to note that fleas are not always visible and just one bite alone can cause an allergic reaction. 

Where do they bite?

They can be found anywhere on the body, but the most common areas are the hind legs, tail, and back end.

What to look out for?

Fleas can be seen with the eye, usually running along the surface of the skin. Fleas are a dark colour and approximately the size of the head of a needle.

“Flea dirt" can also signal that there are fleas on a dog. Excessive scratching, licking and chewing are all symptoms that your dog has fleas.

What is the solution?

You should contact your vet if you believe your dog has fleas. They will prescribe the relevant treatment. It is advised to treat all pets in the home. You can then find many products on the market which help prevent the problem reoccurring. The Turmeric, Thyme and Lemongrass in TurmerItch™ can help to repel insects such as ticks and fleas.

Environmental Factors

Itching caused by environmental factors can be harder to identify. It can be things such as; grass and weed pollens, mould or dust.

What to look out for?

Similar to the flea signs, itching and scratching, hair loss, sneezing, streaming eyes, chewing or licking their paws and hives.

What is the solution?

The first step is to identify the cause. Checking your dog’s hang out areas and noticing when the reaction occurs is a good starting point. Once identified, it’s a matter of ensuring your dog avoids those places. If it is tree pollen it can be trickier to manage as we can’t keep our pooches locked indoors 24/7! If it is a severe allergy, contact your vet and they will prescribe appropriate medication.

Supplements such as TurmerItch™, can help to maintain normal sensory parameters which in turn reduce over response to discomfort and itching.

Food Allergies

Just like their humans, our dogs can have food allergies and intolerances. The most common food allergies are; dairy products and some meats such as chicken and beef.

What to look out for?

Typically food allergies can cause itchy skin, stomach upset, chronic ear infections and other skin issues.

What is the solution?

Start with looking at the ingredients in your four-legged friends food and then it is a matter of process of elimination. Look at avoiding the common ingredient allergies first and make a note of the improvement or worsening of symptoms.

The ingredients within TurmerItch have anti-allergy properties and can help lessen the allergic reaction.

We have covered the common signs and symptoms of your dog’s itching. Other causes could be over-bathing and grooming, heating systems and household mites. There is no one solution and sometimes it can take time to identify the root cause and to find a product solution to help ease your dog’s irritation.

TurmerItch™, can help maintain normal sensory parameters which in turn reduce the over response to discomfort and itching. This is particularly relevant to the protective function of the skin. A reduced response to itching will lessen subsequent body and behavioural reactions that can lead to skin damage.

The tasty Salmon in the grain free hypo-allergenic Golden Paste Company supplement triangles is ethically *MSC sourced from the Pacific Ocean in keeping with the brand’s sustainability ethos. The Turmeric, Thyme and Lemongrass help to repel insects such as ticks and fleas which combined with other high quality natural ingredients help to soothe and support the skin, whilst ensuring maximum absorption, efficiency and antioxidant activity for your dog.

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