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Junkyard Dogs Flyball Team Secure Support from The Golden Paste Company

The Golden Paste Company is delighted to sponsor an upcoming UK Flyball League (UKFL) event hosted by the Junkyard Dogs Flyball Team. 

Taking place on Sunday 6th October, the event will attract more than 30 teams for exhilarating flyball action. Each winner will receive a Golden Paste sachet and money off coupon.

Golden Paste is ideal for active dogs to help support joint health and the body’s natural inflammation processes. It also aids digestion and promotes a healthy skin and coat. 

Team member, Rachael Mattingley, said: "Junkyard Dogs are so excited to be working with The Golden Paste Company to bring high quality prizes to the flyball community. We can't wait to see the winning dogs thrive on their products.   

“The event is an indoor show and will be held at Snaith Sports Hall in East Yorkshire. This is our first time hosting as a team and the very first flyball competition to be help at this venue.”

Each Flyball competition in the UKFL is a standalone competition where teams are divided into three to six team divisions based on where they fall on the ‘seed list’; this is to make sure everybody has fair racing against teams of a similar speed. 

Competitors race against every team in their division and at the end of the day the team who wins the most heats in each division will be crowned the winner. This can make for nail-bitingly close racing! 

“Some teams like to push in order to try and beat personal time records and some like to play it a little bit safer in order to take as many heats as possible for the best chance at winning and to get as many points as possible as well. At each UKFL sanctioned competition each individual dog can earn points for each race completed, dogs then earn milestone badges,” added Rachael.

The Golden Paste Company produces specialist turmeric supplements, including Golden Paste, TurmOil, TurmerEase and TurmerAid. 

Picture caption: “Powerhouse Staffie Lily in action.’

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