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Millie's Story

When Elizabeth's dog Millie was diagnosed with arthritis she decided to look for some natural support and a friend suggested Golden Paste

Said Elizabeth: "My dog Millie will be 12 in May and just before Christmas she started limping on her left leg after she had been resting, I thought that she had maybe just pulled something so gave her short walks but it didn’t improve so we had a visit to the Vets.

"They diagnosed arthritis and gave her anti-inflammatory medication and said that she would need to be on it for life and could I make an appointment for blood tests.

millie was diagnosed with arthritis

"I wasn’t happy about her taking long term drugs so started researching an alternative, she was already on high strength Glucosamine and I was looking at Turmeric tablets but read that they didn’t stay in the body for long and then a friend suggested Golden Paste with Turmeric.

"I ordered some from you and within 2 weeks of her taking it there was a vast improvement, she has been taking it for 2 months now and we are back to walking for an hour in a morning and 30 minutes in an afternoon with no stiffness or limping after she has rested."

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