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NEW TurmerItch™ for Dogs

NEW from The Golden Paste Company, TurmerItch™ for Dogs is a carefully formulated supplement that soothes to reduce itching, improves skin and coat health, promotes hair re-growth and helps to repel insects.

The succulent salmon triangles are easy to feed as dogs find them irresistible, and thanks to the enhanced bioavailability of all the key ingredients TurmerItch™ for Dogs is highly effective making it the ideal daily coat and skin supplement for your dog.

TurmerItch for Dogs

TurmerItch™ for Dogs was developed and trialled extensively following the success of the equine TurmerItch™ supplement which was launched in autumn 2020.

Said Hattie I’Anson, International Business & Strategic Lead Manager at The Golden Paste Company: “When TurmerItch for horses launched we were inundated with requests from dog owners for a canine coat and skin supplement that could also sooth itching.

“We worked closely with experts to develop the new product, including Dr Tom Shurlock. We were delighted with the trial results and are very excited to launch TurmerItch™ for Dogs which joins our popular pet range products, including TurmerEase™ and Turmeric Golden Paste.”

Said Dr Tom Shurlock: “Itchy skin (pruritus) can be a problem for dogs all year round and is the manifestation of a huge range of potential causes. It may be a single cause, such as an allergic response to an insect bite, or a build-up of causes increasing the stress threshold of the dog. Additionally, behavioural stress can also affect pruritus, as can environmental factors and underlying physiological disorders.

 “Dietary components, such as TurmerItch™ for Dogs, can help maintain normal sensory parameters which in turn reduce over response to discomfort and itching. This is particularly relevant to the protective function of the skin. A reduced response to itching will lessen subsequent behavioural responses that can lead to dermal damage.”

The high quality ingredients in TurmerItch™ for Dogs include Turmeric, Red Bush Tea, Chamomile, Apple Cider Vinegar, Milk Thistle, Lemongrass, Thyme, Cooked Linseed, Sweet Potato and Salmon.

The tasty Salmon in the grain free hypo-allergenic supplement triangles is MSC sourced from the Pacific Ocean in keeping with the brand’s sustainable ethos. The Turmeric, Thyme and Lemongrass help to repel insects such as ticks and fleas and the other high quality ingredients soothe and support the skin, whilst ensuring bioavailability and antioxidant activity is maximised.

TurmerItch™ for Dogs can also be fed alongside the other products from The Golden Paste Company’s pet range.

Available from your local retailer or online at, a tube of TurmerItch™ for Dogs retails at around £28.99.

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