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Our Turmeric Story – Documentary Coming Soon!

Later this year, The Golden Paste Company (GPCo) will release a documentary offering their customers an exclusive insight into the story behind their award-winning turmeric supplements.  

The GPCo believe their products start with the highest quality ingredients and this means sourcing their Turmeric ethically from only organic and experienced farmers. Hattie I’Anson, the GPCo’s International Business & Strategic Lead Manager, recently visited East Java in Indonesia to meet with the company’s dedicated supplier that provides premium quality turmeric for the pet, equine and human supplements. 

The supplier works with local farmers who have been growing the miracle spice their whole lives. It is very important to the GPCo that they are supporting local farmers and working with a family run supplier that shares their values.  

filming on a turmeric farm

Said Hattie: “It was fantastic to visit the farmers, their knowledge and skills are second to none. It was a real highlight for me to meet Supiono who has been growing turmeric since he was a little boy and is now 75!” 

“The turmeric is grown in completely natural conditions with no pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers. The soil is perfect as they have farmed turmeric on the land for decades and goat manure is used to maintain the soil.”  

the highest quality turmeric

Turmeric grown in these parts of Indonesia is certified organic and is the highest strength you will find anywhere in the world; it is even sold to India due to its higher potency.  

The sustainable process all starts with a baby finger (small part of the turmeric rhizome) which is planted just before rainy season and is ready to harvest seven months later. It can remain underground for up to two years or longer. The longer it is under the ground the more fingers that are grown.  

Once the turmeric has been harvested from the ground, it is washed, cut and grated and then placed onto large trays on the ground ready for three to four days of sun drying. After it has been sundried it is sent to the factory for testing and processing.  

turmeric drying in the sun

Said Hattie: “This unique factory is the only one of its kind in Indonesia and has the highest quality machines, processes and testing equipment. We are very proud to be working with the best turmeric growers in the world and can’t wait to show people behind the scenes when the documentary is released – it really is a fascinating process from start to finish.” 

testing the turmeric

Details of the documentary release date will be announced on GPCo’s social media and website soon.  

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