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Pet Success Stories

We love to hear from customers and thought you might like to read about how our products have recently helped an itchy Miniature Schnauzer called Piper, Buddy the Sprocker who was struggling with mobility and Sidney the Miniature Dachshund who had a thinning coat.

If you have seen a difference when using our pet supplements we would love to hear from you too! 

Huge Coat and Skin Improvements for Sidney

Miniature Dachshund Sidney, four- year- old, has suffered from a thinning coat on his neck and chest ever since he was neutered at the age of two.

His owners had actually been using Golden Paste and TurmerEase for both of their pups for a couple of years but when The Golden Paste Company launched TurmerItch they simply had to give it a go.

After a few weeks of use they could already see an improvement in his coat and were so pleased that they could achieve this with a natural and super healthy supplement!

Sidney’s owner explains: “We are big fans of Golden Paste’s supplements in general because they also promote skin, digestive and joint health - which is ever so important, especially joint health with breeds that are prone to issues.”

 turmeritch helps miniature dachshund

Piper Beats the Itch with TurmerItch™

When Marilyn Erbe bred Miniature Schnauzer, Piper, she immediately fell in love with him and knew he was going to be a star.

Marilyn takes up the story:

“Piper just had that look at me quality from a young age and probably due to that I took a slightly different path with him.

“I had just started to show Piper at about nine-months-old and noticed when I was walking behind him that he was quite red and sore between his back legs.

“I took a closer look and found his skin to all be quite red and inflamed and knew I needed to do something to sort out the problem as he had started to itch and scratch more and more.

“Having taken Piper to the vet and returned home with medication when I looked into the ingredients it put me off using it and I started to look into a more natural approach for inflamed skin issues.

“During the research I came across TurmerItch for Dogs™ which are salmon slices that are really easy to feed and which provided Piper’s skin and coat with a specially formulated supplement.

“I started to feed Piper the slices twice a day as recommended and very quickly saw a huge improvement and have kept him on them ever since.

“In really hot weather I maybe move him up to three slices a day if I feel he has started to itch again but this is never that bad that it would break the skin or lead to sores.

“Piper is very much a pet and it is great to know he is comfortable, itch free and a picture of health."

TurmerItch Helps Miniature Schnauzer

Buddy Regains his Mobility with Golden Paste

When seven-year-old Buddy was starting to struggle getting up the stairs and with climbing, owner Martine Box wanted to do everything she could to help him.

Martine has owned the fun-loving sprocker since he was a puppy and had, in recent months, seen a deterioration in his ability to climb in and out of the car and when going up steps.

Explaining the situation to a friend, Martine was on the look-out for a natural supplement that would support Buddy in his efforts to get around.

The friend suggested Turmeric Golden Paste for Dogs should be added to his food and Martine decided to give it a go.

“Buddy was starting to get issues with his joints and obviously I wanted to make him as comfortable as possible,” said Martine.

“As a young dog we played a lot of ball games with him as he was so energetic but I think all the exercise did put wear on his joints.

“I could see Buddy was slowing down but he quickly started to move better as we added the supplement to his diet.

“Another bonus was it hasn’t put him off his food at all and it is very easy to get into him.

“It is great to see him looking in good shape and able to move up and down steps easily after just four weeks.”

Golden Paste helps Sprocker with mobility

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