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Sweet Itch: Sophie’s update about managing the life of a Sweet Itch pony

The Itchy pony returns

So it would seem that the Sweet Itch condition has affected Tom in the worst way this year.
Within a short space of just over 3 weeks Tom has been in the dreaded itch cycle. He's been fine so far up to early June, this year, as well as the previous 5 years with minimal itching.
From a huge and very bloody open wound appearing between his two front legs, causing a swelling to appear as well for about a week or so, Tom has itched his tail, mane, belly and all down one side of his body. This is the worst case we’ve had for a long while!
He had been off the TurmerItch for those 3 weeks as at this point as I had run out of the supplement. I was not prepared for the consequences of running out of Tom’s daily dose of TurmerItch.

sweet itch

Box Rest and Equine Care

Tom had to be stable bound for a week while the open wound closed, so as not to be infected by flies or for the wound to become worse than it was due to the horrendous rain, we had that week that would have made everything 1000x worse. He also ended up peppered all over his body with little bite marks/bumps and so all his schooling stopped as well. It was so important for me to try to get on top of his itching and any riding could have made him uncomfortable.
When I finally replenished my TurmerItch, I hit my care plan and management with everything I had. I upped the TurmerItch to 2 scoops in his morning feed (usually has one) and upped the Brewers yeast to a full 20ml scoop, as well as adding Apple Cider Vinegar to both his fly spray and his feed. I covered any wounds or scars with his Sudocrem and kept up with the tea tree baths every 3 or 4 days (usually gets one bath every 2 week).

sweet itch management

I also discovered his new chop that I had introduced had alfalfa in (he had only been on the chop for a couple of weeks), so I stopped that straight away from his feed and aloe gelled every bump/bite mark I could find and sprayed them with my homemade spray, which doubles as a first aid one!

An Equine supplement that works!

With everything I was doing to clean up the wound and his itches, including the upped dose of TurmerItch, he started to look better after a couple more weeks and the bumps/bite marks and itch scratching had reduced to a minimum.
He is now looking a lot better, shiny coat and no itching. I will continue everything I have been doing for him and will keep up with his TurmerItch indefinitely making sure I continue to prime him through the winter months. It seems that this supplement is now his crutch and without it, disaster strikes! It is worth its weight in gold, and I would highly recommend this to other sweet itch owners!

supplement for sweet itch

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