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Take Control with Turmeric

Take Control with Turmeric

We all know that prevention is better than cure and thanks to the wonders of nature we can support ourselves, our horses and our pets with a natural turmeric supplement which has anti-oxidative properties.

In light of recent events, preventative healthcare is now more important than ever as we should all try to reduce pressure on vets and doctors. During lockdown as routines changed, exercise increased for many (especially our dogs enjoying longer walks as we escaped from the house). Some horses continued with ridden work whilst others took a break or were trained from the ground.

Additional stress on the joints can be supported with a natural antioxidant supplement which combines turmeric and other key ingredients to help the integrity of the natural defence mechanisms, while supporting the body’s natural inflammation processes. This preventative approach will hopefully reduce the risk of any issues occurring.

Why turmeric?

Turmeric has been a herbal remedy for generations in humans; research across species has highlighted a number of active ingredients (over 200) that can impact on inflammatory and oxidative cycles; additionally the components of turmeric can help optimise the microbiome of the gut; this characteristic of supporting gut health is perhaps the best known “benefit” of turmeric.

Interest in turmeric has led to research into its role in the nutrition of domestic animals, including horses, and has shown its relevance in helping support the inflammation cycle, immune function, antioxidative processes and supporting the gut’s role in maintaining the microbiome. From muscle recovery, through joint function to insulin sensitivity, turmeric components can help optimise efficiency of metabolism and so support general health and wellbeing over the lifetime of the horse.

One of the main reasons why turmeric was used as a digestion product was its efficiency in supporting the microbiome to improve digestibility; the other was its poor bioavailability. Turmeric polyphenols, including the major phenolic, curcumin, is poorly absorbed and almost instantaneously degraded after crossing the gut wall and being transported to the liver. The terpenoid (essential oil) content also has poor absorbability.

Because, in isolation, turmeric bioactive components have poor bioavailability (a factor that involves ease of absorption and the time of activity before degradation). It is necessary to combine other ingredients. For example, it is known that piperine (an alkaloid in black pepper) can extend the activity of curcumin through a process that involves glucuronidation but The Golden Paste Company (GPCo), through extensive research, has put together a blend of ingredients that further improve bioavailability. Where some formulations contain piperine, GPCo also supplies quercetin – from apple cider vinegar – which complements the actions of piperine, saponins (from Yucca) and PUFA & phospholipids to improve the absorption of the actives, and a blend of superfibres that act in conjunction with turmeric to support gastric health.

It is this formulation that makes TurmerAid™ the complete turmeric pellet. Turmeric bioactives achieve improved absorbability and activity, and the supplementary inclusion of other oils, phenols and bioactives complement the activities of turmeric, to provide a multifaceted approach to support general health and well-being in the horse.

The Golden Paste Company range also includes products for humans, dogs, cats and other animals.

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