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Things to do this Easter

Happy Easter from Team Turmeric!

We have shared some fun Easter activities below for you to try and the team has also shared their plans for the long weekend.

Easter Egg Hunt

It just wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt! There are lots of ways to do this so it is fun for all ages, from simply hiding eggs in your house or garden, to leaving clues around to keep people guessing. With rules allowing six people or two households to meet outside now, a family hunt will be a lot of fun (in England, please check for up to date information).

easter egg hunt

Easter Baking

Delicious Easter treats to enjoy after your roast will definitely go down well! Chocolate nests decorated with mini eggs are easy to make, whilst those who are more ambitious might enjoy baking a traditional Simnel cake which is always a real showstopper. From buns to biscuits and cheesecakes to cupcakes, it is the perfect excuse to satisfy a sweet tooth!

easter baking

Spring Walk

Exercise in the fresh air is always great in spring as there are lots of things to spot. The blossom is out and the spring flowers are here, you may even be lucky enough so see some lambs. To keep children entertained you could create a ‘spring checklist’ for them to tick off as they spot things on the way round.


Easter Crafts

There are so many fun crafts to enjoy over Easter. Traditional activities such as painting eggs and decorating bonnets are firm favourites but modern crafting with an Easter twist is also popular with people of all ages. Sock bunnies and chick finger puppets are simple and entertaining, particularly for little ones.

painting eggs at easter

Remember Pets!

Easter is an exciting time for many households and there is likely to be a lot of chocolate treats around. Make sure you keep your pets safe and don’t let them eat anything that could harm them. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats so keep it out of their reach.

pets at easter

Easter Q&A with Team Turmeric

How will you be spending Easter this year?

Hattie: I will be spending Easter away from my family this year so it will be slightly different to most years but I am sure an Easter egg hunt will be happening!

Hannah: I will be spending Easter, riding, dog walking and socialising with friends outside (no more than 6 of course!).

Kirsten: Using the long weekend wisely, I will be getting my horse Leo fit and ready for our upcoming event season! I will also be going on a dog walk with some friends.

black labrador in spring

Do you have any Easter family traditions?

Hattie: Apart from the Easter bunny coming and eating copious amounts of chocolate, we normally have a roast dinner, Easter egg hunts and we like to paint and roll eggs down a very big hill near home!

Kirsten: Going for a long hack with my mum.

What is your favourite Easter treat?

Hattie: It has to be mini eggs.

Hannah: My favourite Easter treat is Easter eggs!

Kirsten: Mini eggs!

mini eggs

What is your favourite Easter activity?

Hattie: Easter Egg Hunt! It is so much fun acting like a child again.

Hannah: My favourite Easter activity would have to be a dog walk with my partner and have a picnic.

Kirsten: Spending time with my horses and my mum.

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