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Turmeric: Pellets vs Powder

The benefits of feeding turmeric to horses are widely recognised amongst equestrians and include general wellbeing, joint support, improved digestion and coat and skin.

However, turmeric is not easily absorbed by the body so its delivery and formulation is vital to ensure horses receive maximum benefit and you don’t waste money on adding something to your horse’s diet that doesn’t make a difference.  

TurmerAid pellets

The Golden Paste Company recognised the challenges of feeding turmeric in powder form which included poor bioavailability, wastage, stained skin and horses not finding it palatable. This inspired them to create TurmerAid™, a powerful pelleted turmeric supplement.

Carefully formulated with key ingredients for maximum absorption and bioavailability, the complete turmeric pellet contains a minimum 5.1% curcumin, yucca, black pepper, linseed and apple cider vinegar.

Instantly recognisable in its bright orange tub, which is fully recyclable, TurmerAid™ is ideal for use over the winter months when many horses and ponies require additional support during the cold and damp weather.

The only pelleted turmeric supplement on the market, TurmerAid™ remains effective as the ingredients are evenly distributed in each pellet and are only released when the horse bites into them. There is no risk of individual ingredients dissipating inside the tub over time and the horse subsequently receiving an unbalanced measure.

There is no waste and no mess when feeding the pellets and they are so palatable they can even be fed by hand, horses love them and you won’t stain your hands!

The RRP for a 2kg tub is £23.20. A 15kg sack is also available, RRP £138.20.

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