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TurmerItch: Not just for Summer!

TurmerItch: Not just for Summer!

TurmerItch is formulated to help not only repel biting insects, but also support the entire mechanism of allergic reaction and resultant discomfort. Although it would seem logical to only feed TurmerItch during fly season, it may not be the best policy.

It has been shown that horses that are particularly prone to insect bite hypersensitivity may have underlying issues with allergens. Several allergenic factors, such as inhaled and ingested factors, microbiome imbalance, inherent overproduction of IgE antibodies, when added to the bodies reaction to an insect bite takes the overall response over a threshold, resulting in a full inflammatory response, with the associated itching and discomfort that leads to scratching, skin damage and potential infection.

TurmerItch contains a range of bioactives that can help raise the bar of that threshold, by supporting the body’s natural reaction to both the allergic response and the physical discomfort of skin related allergies. There is also the effect of ingredients that repel not only biting insects, but also ectoparasites.

TurmerItch has a spectrum of active materials that together have strong antioxidative properties, support the body’s moderation of the inflammation cycle, but also has specific effects, such as repellence and helping to reduce discomfort. 

Essential oils, the terpenoids, can be secreted from the skin’s sebaceous glands, and those from neem and turmeric have been shown to confuse and repel a range of insects and ectoparasites, by masking the “attraction” to the horse’s coat! But TurmerItch also contains red bush tea whose antioxidant properties are specific in maintaining skin condition, dryness and eczema leading to irritation. Neem polyphenols also help maintain skin suppleness, condition and adds into the antioxidant/inflammation interactions, supporting curcumin in its role as an antioxidant.

The polyphenols in TurmerItch, derived from apple cider vinegar, milk thistle, beetroot and turmeric all act to support the natural inflammation/anti-inflammation cycle. Allergic responses follow similar pathways, resulting in the release of inflammatory cues, such as histamine. The interaction between antioxidant bioactives, such as curcumin, and inflammatory adjusters such as quercetin & silibinin, help optimise the release of antihistamine, whilst at the same time optimising their own bioactivity – suppression of glucuronidation, and control of tight junction absorption increasing bioactivity. These are further supported by inclusion of linseed omega fatty acids; not only do they support the inflammation adjusters, they also help with skin condition.

There are two further aspects to the formulation; the presence of yeast cell wall material helps optimise the microbiome and, at the same time, the immune system. As immune response to allergic cues is central to both sweet itch and allergic responses, the presence of these components are of continual benefit.

Finally, the inclusion of chamomile supports the function of two metabolic systems – the GABA, and the endocannabinoid systems. These involve the neural regulation of pain and discomfort, reduction of which leads to less itching and so scratching.

Whilst TurmerItch “headline” activity is for use during the fly season, its continuing role to support skin condition, help with allergic responses and maintenance of the gut microbiome and immune system all contribute to keeping the threshold to insect bite hypersensitivity high, and so allows sensitive horses to enter the fly season pre-prepared.


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