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What Are The Benefits Of Turmeric For Horses?

What are the benefits of turmeric for horses?

Interest in turmeric has led to research into its role in the nutrition of domestic animals, including horses, and has shown its relevance in helping support the inflammation cycle, immune function, antioxidative processes and supporting the gut’s role in maintaining the microbiome. From muscle recovery, through joint function to insulin sensitivity, turmeric components can help optimise efficiency of metabolism and so support general health and wellbeing over the lifetime of the horse.

turmeric for horses

Why do horse owners feed turmeric for digestion?

One of the main reasons why turmeric was used as a digestion product was its efficiency in supporting the microbiome to improve digestibility; the other was its poor bioavailability. Turmeric polyphenols, including the major phenolic, curcumin, is poorly absorbed and almost instantaneously degraded after crossing the gut wall and being transported to the liver. The terpenoid (essential oil) content also has poor absorbability.

How can the bioavailability of turmeric be improved?

Because, in isolation, turmeric bioactive components have poor bioavailability (a factor that involves ease of absorption and the time of activity before degradation), it is necessary to combine other ingredients. For example, it is known that piperine (an alkaloid in black pepper) can extend the activity of curcumin through a process that involves glucuronidation but The Golden Paste Company (GPCo), through extensive research, has put together a blend of ingredients that further improve bioavailability. Where some formulations contain piperine, GPCo also supplies quercetin – from apple cider vinegar – which complements the actions of piperine, saponins (from Yucca) and PUFA & phospholipids to improve the absorption of the actives, and a blend of superfibres that act in conjunction with turmeric to support gastric health.

It is this formulation that makes TurmerAid the complete turmeric pellet. Turmeric bioactives achieve improved absorbability and activity, and the supplementary inclusion of other oils, phenols and bioactives complement the activities of turmeric, to provide a multifaceted approach to support general health and well-being in the horse.

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How can I add bioavailable turmeric to my horse’s diet?

TurmerAid™, from The Golden Paste Company, is a natural turmeric supplement for horses which supports healthy joints, aids digestion and promotes a healthy skin and coat.

The supplement sustains healthy joints as it helps the integrity of the equine natural defence and structural mechanisms, while supporting the body’s natural inflammation processes.

Carefully formulated with key ingredients for maximum absorption and bio-availability, the complete turmeric pellet contains a minimum 5.1% curcumin, yucca, black pepper, linseed and apple cider vinegar.

Instantly recognisable in its bright orange tub, which is fully recyclable, TurmerAid™ is ideal for use over the winter months when many horses and ponies require additional support during the cold and damp weather.

The only pelleted turmeric supplement on the market, TurmerAid™ remains effective as the ingredients are evenly distributed in each pellet and are only released when the horse bites into them. There is no risk of individual ingredients dissipating inside the tub over time and the horse subsequently receiving an unbalanced measure.

turmeraid turmeric pellets

The RRP for a 2kg tub is £19.99. A 15kg sack is also available, RRP £125.99.

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