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Meet the #teamturmeric ambassadors!

Heather, Bourbon and Paisley

Heather, Bourbon and Paisley

Hi we are Bourbon (‘Burben' like the whiskey) and Paisley, two Working Cocker Spaniels from Surrey England. Bourbon is nearly 6 and Paisley is 5.5 – Paisley is a rescue dog. We compete in agility and obedience and beat during shoot season. We display Good Citizen Gold at Crufts and Discover Dogs with our Midlands based display team and have completed all of our Good Citizen exams.

Our favourite things ever are food (raw fed), balls and the beach!


Samantha and Apollo

Samantha and Apollo

Hi, we are Jamie and Samantha, and we are very lucky to be owned by a very cheeky yet loveable two year old Samoyed called Apollo, or Paulie for short! He might look like a big boy but he’s just 90% fluff.. as is our house!

Apollo is often mistaken for a puppy on our walks, because he’s full of excitement for life and will bounce up to meet you and introduce himself. He is a very socialable boy and wants to be friends with every human, dog, cat, horse, etc. that he meets and tries his best to get them to play with him!

He loves nothing more than being with his humans, he is what we call a Velcro-dog, where you go he follows, and even going to the toilet has become a spectator sport! Apollo really likes the sound of his own voice so will happily tell you loudly all about his day before curling up on your feet for a nap!

Apollo’s hobbies include long walks on the beach, going to the ski slope with his fur-riends and stealing other dogs balls at the park.

He is a very handsome boy and knows it, he is often seen strutting around our town carrying his favourite teddy bear toy and lapping up all the attention he gets.

Apollo enjoys a raw fed diet with additional supplements to keep him happy and healthy now and in the future.

Nicky and Bailarin

Nicky and Bailarin

My name is Nicky Margieson Schellander. I am one of the U.K's only professional female jousters and trickriders. I own a PRE Spanish stallion named Bailarin and have owned him for nine years. I currently live between the coast of North Devon and Exmoor with my husband and adopted barn owl.

I have many years’ experience in live action jousting stunt shows, plus working with horse stunt teams, in Film and TV, training horses, riders and actors, on films such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Hammer of the Gods, where I doubled with actor Charlie Bewley, the TV series Merlin, and others.

My skills and passion are in armour, jousting, stuntriding, mounted combat, skill at arms, swordfighting, swordfighting on horseback, shooting on horseback, and mounted falconry.

I also trained in the USA in Full Contact (or Heavy Armoured) Jousting, working with The Knights of Valour and The Knights of Mayhem. This involves so much training, and physical endurance, that only around eight women in the USA perform. The armour weighs around nine stone. Female competitors pit their physical and mental strength against men. Training horses to both carry and wear horse armour needs a relationship with a large amount of mutual trust and respect.

Within the UK, I have worked with various live action teams, The Knights of The Damned plus others.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time in four years. I harnessed my determination to get back to what I am passionate about- horses and my health. Intrinsic to that journey, was turmeric.

In 2019 I increased my training to become as a SPACT, or Special Action Artist. I was delighted to be selected by a London SPACT stunt agency in summer 2019.

My stallion Bailarin is my key partner for my work and life. Both a majestic and incredibly intuitive horse, he also has experience working on photographic shoots. Our partnership is based on trust and freedom.

I am also an internationally competing freediver. I have a depth record of 42m, and a 4 minute 36 second breathold. I won bronze in the UK depth championships this year (2019) and came 4th in the Infinity International Depth Games in Cyprus (Oct 2019).

I believe that if you love your life, you will and can, find a way to keep fit and look after yourself. If you want to enjoy and savour each day live to the fullest without compromise.

My hobbies and work continually push my boundaries in health and wellbeing, as do my individual skills in pressurised situations, and performing in high stamina environments.

Frances and Lambie

Frances and Lambie

My name is Frances and I moved with my family from London to Shetland over 20 years ago.

I live in a traditional Shetland croft with my family - people and animals. I breed and train Icelandic horses while rescuing Shetland ponies and sheep.

Having had three spinal operations, I need to live a pill-free life. Working the croft and riding my horse is all I want. Every day TurmOil helps me to achieve this.

My sheep eat TurmerAid™ for breakfast and Lambie, especially, has been given a new life. He suffered from joint-ill as a lamb which has resulted in bone-on-bone arthritis. You would not know this to see him run and jump. The anti-inflammatory properties combined with the analgesic make this a safe product to have on a daily basis.

Winter can be very tough in Shetland and as well as the stud and competition horses, we have our old retired horses living here too. TurmerAid™ plays an essential role in their daily lives. I have used it with success for varying medical emergencies as well things like post-operative care for retained placenta, inflamed sheath, kicking injuries, sweet itch and stress. It calms things down.

Echo and Tee

Echo and Tee

We are Echo and Tee, two very cheeky whippets from Hampshire UK.  Echo is five and a half and Tee is two years old, and we are half-brothers. We love going out on long walks, exploring new places and running on the beach, we are also keen swimmers. Our hooman loves taking photos of us, editing and posting them on our Instagram page @echothewhippet. We both successfully take part in Kennel Club breed shows including Crufts, and have achieved our good citizen awards (Echo gold and Tee silver). We are fed a natural raw diet, based on the BARF model, which is a variety of raw meat and bones, fruits and vegetables, and supplements. We’ve been having Golden Paste for a while now and we find that it really complements our diet, so we are super excited to be part of the team.

Floyd and Willow

Floyd & Willow

Everyone who has multiple dogs says it, that their dogs are the best of friends. Well Floyd and Willow really are, I’ve never seen a bond quite like it, every day they make me squeal when they cuddle up on the sofa together or when Willow cleans Floyd’s ears for him. They also make me cry on a near daily basis from their naughtiness (but let’s not get into that today!). They’re brilliant, funny, naughty, smart, loving, wonderful dogs who never fail to put a smile on my face. The reason I made them an Instagram (@roamingrotties) was in the hope that they’d hopefully put a smile on other people’s faces too. They both love Golden Paste! Rottweilers are known to have a higher risk of getting certain cancers and Floyd suffers from chronic ear infections which is why I use the paste.



Sidney is a two-year-old Miniature Dachshund who loves posing for the camera and can perform plenty of tricks.

He may be small but he’s got the personality (and bark!) of a big boy. He’s a real adventurer who loves long hikes and exploring - don’t be fooled by his short legs! He recently switched to a raw diet and is a big fan of The Golden Paste Company products. Instagram - @sidney_minisausage