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Fish Supper Cold Pressed with added TurmerAid™ - The Golden Paste Company

Fish Supper Cold Pressed with added TurmerAid™

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Cobbydog's Fish Supper Cold Pressed dog food with added TurmerAid™ creates a delicious natural diet with the convenience of a complete dry food. It’s as close to raw feeding as possible and is suitable to feed alongside a raw diet.

Fish is highly digestible and an excellent source of natural, bio-appropriate amino acids needed for growth, repair, and maintenance. It’s rich in essential omega 3 and 6 oils for healthy joints, coat condition, skin condition, heart health and brain development and function.

Dogs love the great taste of fish. Even the fussiest of eaters can be tempted with our Fish Supper. It's naturally highly palatable due the preservation of the natural aromas and flavours of the ingredients.

Cold Pressed Dog Food is nutritionally dense which means you don't need to feed as much as you would a kibble or raw diet.

But that’s not all! The Fish Supper Cold Pressed Dog Food has all the added benefits of TurmerAid™, a bespoke turmeric blend, formulated to optimise the bioavailability of key functional Ingredients.