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Turmeric Golden Paste for People 200g - The Golden Paste Company

Turmeric Golden Paste for People 200g

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Turmeric Golden Paste for Wellbeing is a traditional re...Read More

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Turmeric Golden Paste for Wellbeing is a traditional recipe of a Golden Paste made with the highest quality ingredients and a mess free alternative to creating a paste from scratch in your own kitchen!

Whether you are already using our products for your furry friends or have nothing to do with animals and would like to try turmeric yourself then you are in the right place.  Our Golden Paste for Wellbeing are made in a *British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited facility and meet *Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, ensuring full traceability and the highest possible quality standards to give you peace of mind.

Keep in a cool, dark cupboard. Store below 20°C. Once opened, consume within 6 weeks. This product can be frozen or refrigerated. Shelf life: 12 months.

*BRC accreditation

British Retail Consortium (BRC) is an independent food safety accreditation. It is recognised as proof that high food safety standards are in place and that a food company is safe to supply.

*Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

The pouch packaging is 100% recyclable. We are still searching for a plastic free alternative, watch this space!



1 teaspoon twice daily - 200g will last approx 20 days. 

2 teaspoons twice daily - 200g will last approx 10 days. 


Key benefits

Joint health – supports the body’s natural processes to ease inflammation.

Soothing – improves your skin health.

Digestion – benefits gastric health. 

Strengthening – supports muscular and vascular integrity. 

Good on the inside – supports the immune system.



Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and those who need a gluten free diet.

Can be kept in a cupboard, fridge or freezer.


Why use turmeric golden paste for people?

  • No mess or waste – take it exactly as you wish, hot or cold, in cookery or on its own.
  • No mixing required – just open and squeeze.
  • Easy directions for use.

Our Paste is so versatile, you can be as adventurous as you like! Take directly from a teaspoon or use in everyday cooking, including hot and cold drinks.


Add the Golden Paste to your own recipes or take by heating 1/2 a teaspoon with water. Alternatively add to warm milk, almond milk or coconut milk for a warming golden milk 1-3 times per day

Check out our blog for Turmerific ideas! 



Children/Small Adults - 1 tsp, twice a day 


Average size adults - 1½ - 2 tsp, twice a day 


Large Adults - 2½ - 3 tsp, twice a day 


Please note these are just guidelines, you can increase the amount until you see desired results. 


*A teaspoon holds approximately 5g*


Advice: Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans



We believe in the whole root rather than just an extract as turmeric is made up of over 200+ compounds that synergistically work together. Our curcumin levels will never be lower than 5.1%. We source from Indonesia carefully choosing quality, organic turmeric and steering clear of fillers or additives.

Black Pepper (Piperine)

We have added black pepper into the paste as it contains the bioactive piperine. Piperine has been shown to help poor digestion and support the body's natural anti-inflammatory cycles  – that’s not all… arguably the most important benefit is that it increases absorption and bioavailability of curcumin – some say by up to 2000%!

Ceylon Cinnamon

We use Ceylon (true) cinnamon which supports the body's natural anti-inflammatory cycles, contains antioxidants, as well as supporting a healthy microbial environment. This super powerful ingredient supplies a range of bioactives that support gut health, absorption and the optimisation of insulin metabolism.

Coconut Oil

We use cold pressed and organic coconut oil, as this aids bioactive absorption and supports intestinal health. Quite simply, it is needed for the turmeric to work as curcumin has low solubility in water. The coconut oil is the perfect healthy fat for the curcumin to attach to and the body to absorb.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Water, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Ceylon Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate.


Typical per 100g:

Energy                                 kJ                                          kcal




of which 






of which 






Sodium mg5.7
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